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July 2013, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Durisol Blocks in Truck Rick Dragging Wall Plates & Tie Beams to Workshop Site Happy Cooled-Off Tara on Blindingly Bright Day Tyler & Tidied Workshop Form Laying Drain Pipe on Our Road Our Road Girls Holding Hands on Ossipee Valley Fair Swing Ride Mike & Eliza at Ossipee Valley Fair Kit Eating an Apple at the Beach Deep Fried Seafood Eliza & Mike Swimming Tyler Draining Honda EU2000i Generator Gas Tank Cereal Tyler Cutting Rebar Outdoor Shower in Progress Magnetically Attached Screen Over Emergency Exit Window Strawberry Cake Jack & Tyler Driving Jack & Mary Tara & Mary Workshop Concrete Slab Aerial View Tara Labeling Radiant Heat Loops Tyler Hurling Trash into the Arlington Dump Pete & Chris Spreading Concrete Our Feet on Workshop Concrete Floor Pete & Chris Pouring Concrete Retaining Wall Pete and His Truck Tyler & Rick Unloading Rafter Logs