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Shifting Light & Visiting Friends

by Tara

There's something about the light today. It has shifted, somehow, seeming less harshly white, and more diffuse and golden. Meanwhile, there's something different in the air, too. The heat and humidity (hot for Vermont, but not compared to the rest of the US) of the past week has broken, and today dawned glorious, with cool breezes, green leaves shifting and shhhhhh-ing in the dappled sun. It can mean only one thing: late summer is here. Fall, glorious fall is on its way. October's bright blue weather is just around the corner.

Strawbale Cottage Kitchen Sink Sunlight through Dirty Window Screen Sunlight in Woods (with Upended Tree Trunk)

For the past couple of days, we've been blessed with visitors: our dear friend (and former "third wheel" roommate at the strawbale workshop we attended in Rhode Island) Shlomy, his new wife Britney and son, Nehemiah. It was a wonderful two days of inspiring, intense talks about faith, the future, and Big Dreams, the kind of real, invigorating conversation that keeps me wide awake, inspired, long after it's over.

We also cooked and ate delicious food together, swam in the Battenkill, and spent a rainy afternoon in the bookstore. And at every opportunity, Nehemiah headed to the "frog pond" to do some frog catching, too.

Shlomy's Tamari Tofu Shlomy Making Tamari Tofu Shlomy & Tyler in the Kitchen Britney (by Nehemiah) Nehemiah & Britney Nehemiah Nehemiah & Shlomy Nehemiah & Britney with Critter Box Nehemiah with Critter Box Nehemiah & Britney Catching Frogs Nehemiah & Britney Catching Frogs Frog

Thank you so much for coming to visit, you guys! We love you!