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Driveway Repair

by Tyler

We've had some truly epic downpours this summer. A few years ago, this would have been the cause of much despair, but happily all the structures we've built are now mostly impervious to water. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of our driveway. Over the last few months, the steep entrance has gone from slightly rutted to Romanian-countryside-level washed out.

Our Washed-Out Gravel Driveway

We've been watching it deteriorate in slow-motion, knowing we need to do something about it, and with this last round of storms, it's gotten so bad we can't ignore it. In retrospect it seems pretty clear we should have done something sooner, but alas, we live and learn. This week we hired Lorimark Landscaping to lay some new stone. Long term, we need to do a better job directing the water off the road higher up the drive, but for now, things are shaping up nicely. Thanks for your excellent work Mark!

Mark Repairing Our Washed-Out Gravel Driveway