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July 2012, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Tara Watching the Fireworks Mom Tara Working on the Cookbook Tara Digging Foundation for Cob Oven Tara Dry Stacking Rocks Tara Shooting a .22 Pistol Mom Shooting Her Colt .45 w/ Mike Tyler Shooting our Benjamin Franklin BB Gun Grand Marais, Minnesota at Night Lightning Strike on Lake Superior North House Folk School Wood Shop Peter Demonstrating a Chain Mortiser Tyler Cutting a Timber w/ 16" Saw Tyler Sharpening a Barr Chisel Tara Shaping Corble on a Bandsaw Tyler Kayaking Tyler Sawing a Tenon Tara Using the Big Saw Us Shaping a Rafter Tyler & Peter Loading the Trailer Dusk Driving in Montana

10 Acres in Vermont

Land Payoff Status: 72%