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Workshop Retaining Wall

by Tyler

Today, Chris and Pete showed up to assemble the final piece of our workshop foundation: a retaining wall form for the west side of the building.

Pete & Chris Assembling Concrete Wall Forms Pete Building Form for Retaining Wall Chris & Pete Assembling Concrete Wall Forms Chris Installing Corner Board on Concrete Wall Form Concrete Retaining Wall Reinforcements Concrete Retaining Wall Bracing

The setup only took a few hours. When they were ready, we called in the concrete. This time, we had just the right amount, and the whole thing went smoothly. Thank heavens!

Concrete Chute Pete & Chris Pouring Concrete Retaining Wall Concrete Truck Pouring Workshop Retaining Wall Pete Guiding Concrete into Retaining Wall Form Concrete in Retaining Wall Form Pete Workshop Retaining Wall

And with that, our concrete work is finished for the foreseeable future!

T <3 T 2013 (Writing in Concrete)