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Wild Boar

by Tyler

"Tyler… TYLER!" Tara hissed at me. "Do you hear that!!?" It was still very dark outside our tent, and some large animal was making really loud noises not too far from away from us. In an effort to put Tara's mind at ease, I reassuringly told her: "Don't worry, the only thing I can think of that would actually charge our tent is a wild boar." This had precisely the opposite effect I was hoping for; Tara immediately exclaimed, "But Tyler, it IS a wild boar!!" She was convinced it was a sanglier who would aim its steely tusks at our tent and then furiously come charging towards us, ravaging everything and killing us in the process. I scoffed. It certainly was not a wild boar.

It sounded like it was circling the field, making quite a racket as it went. To be honest, I was sort of excited about the prospect of defending us from a wild animal, but as usual I was highly doubtful that we were in any real danger. Tara was concerned, so I took out our waxwood Arnis bastons just in case.

The "boar" sounds eventually died down and we went back to bed, perplexed and curious about what the animal might have been up to.


Tara looked up what a wild boar sounds like to prove her theory to me, and sure enough, she was right! It sounded EXACTLY like this. Now I wish that I'd gotten out of the tent to go find it!