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End of An Era: Goodbye Camper!

by Tara

As if on cue, the end of an era is heralded by the departure of our camper. HOORAY HOORAY, it sold at last! I'm not going to lie: we won't miss it.

Camper Being Hauled Away!

I mean let's face it, our time of domestic bliss was short-lived...

Jodi & Tyler Laughing in Our Camper Tara Chopping Apples for Apple Crumble in our Camper Tyler Eating Dinner in the Diner

...rapidly replaced with two years of perpetual discomfort and total chaos.

Tyler Fixing Broken Electronics in Messy Camper Camper Mess Temperature in the Camper Awful Messy Camper Awful Messy Camper Tyler Fixing Generator Note to our Future Selves

Hopefully your new owners will appreciate you. Goodbye, Camper!