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Pig Delivery at Cold Antler Farm

by Tara

Today, after working on our land, we headed over to Jenna's place in anticipation of our friend Tom's arrival. He was bringing four pigs for Jenna's new woodland pig pagoda, and we wanted to be there for the experience. Soon, he rolled up in his big truck, and we got down to business. In a chaotic parade of nerve-wracking wrangling, holding on for dear life as the creatures kicked and squealed bloody murder, we each carried a pig to its new home. The photos make the process look calm, but it was a pretty harried operation.

Jenna Carrying Piglet Tyler Carrying Piglet

After the burning forearm workout (it was tiring holding on so tightly!), Jenna and I laughed about what we had been about during the stressful but successful piggie maneuver. She had been saying to herself, "Oh crap oh crap, I MUST NOT drop this pig in front of Tara." Meanwhile, I had been thinking "Oh Jesus, oh shit, oh shit, hold STILL— I MUST NOT drop Jenna's pig!"

As soon as the four piggies were safely released into their sizable pen, they instantly forgot being picked up (oh the horror!), and made a bee-line for the food. And there they stayed, snouts buried in their feed bucket, for the rest of the evening—much to the bemusement of Jasper the pony and Merlin the horse.

Jasper the Pony & Jenna's New Piglets

Here are a few more photos I took at Cold Antler Farm...

Jenna's Goat Jenna's Turkeys Jenna's Goat Jenna's Garden Jenna's Lettuce, with Raindrops Jenna's Sheep Jenna's Sheep