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Slowly Going

by Tara

Thailand is lulling us into a comfortable laziness. Our desire to see the world has somewhat been put on hold, not because we don't want to explore, but simply because life is so great right here. Yes, of course we could leave, but why would we want to do that?

After some waffling this morning, we decide we should probably shake a leg. There are places to go and whole new countries to see! So, we pack our bags, don our helmets, and ride away from our palm-filled garden hotel. We only make it a few pedal strokes, just far enough to roll into our favorite restaurant in town.

Thai Iced Tea & Coffee

We could just camp right here and eat pad see ew forever, couldn't we?

Pad See Ew

Riding eastward, we spend the day engrossed in conversation, scheming, and daydreaming about the future. We toss around ideas about our next big project, and to what level of detail we want to document it. We know we want to buy some land, and we know we want to build a cob house on it. There is a farm in there somewhere, somehow, too, and maybe another big bike (tandem?) tour at some point.

We're shaken from our imaginative reverie when we spot a man selling seasoned grasshoppers in a basket by the side of the road. We've read we would be seeing a lot of this in Cambodia; we're getting so close!


Neither of us can muster the courage to try them. We're not quite ready for that, yet.

After an uneventful ride, we roll into the town of Sa Keow, and visit a string of dingy, gross hotels. The fourth time's the charm, and we find a really nice, clean, cheap place to stay that even boasts free wifi! There's a nearby market, and a restaurant across the street that serves even better pad see ew than we had this morning.

It's so nice here… we might just have to stay another day!