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Bon Voyage

by Going Slowly

We're so excited! Our dear, dear friends and adventure buddies Pete and Natasha are leaving in just a few days to start their little road trip to, oh you know, Patagonia. Despite the fact that we only see each other once or twice a year, this feels different—we're going to miss them so much! Looks like we'll just have to meet up somewhere along the way, and follow along on the journey, of course. You guys! We love you! You're so damn awesome. We're going to miss your faces.

Natasha & Pete

Thank you for being such good influences on us, helping us relax and not take things too seriously. Thank you for making us laugh until ours sides hurt. Thank you for drinking goat's blood with us, and rescuing us from Vietnam. Thank you for going to see Harry Potter with us in Laos. Thank you for urging us to take a scuba vacation. Thank you for being awesome, irreverent, kind-hearted, and honest friends. Oh, and that time you came for a week to help us build our house? Thanks for that, too.