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The Chimney Saga, Parts Two, Three, Four, Five, Six & Seven

by Going Slowly

This was originally drafted as a seven part series recounting the maddening tale of our first chimney installation. However, we're writing this months after the fact, and neither of us has the energy to do the thing justice. So, here are all the pictures instead.

Installing our first chimney was a long and difficult process, fraught with numerous false starts, plenty of three-stooges-style foibles, and quite a few infuriating mistakes on the part of the company we purchased the parts from. By the end, we were starting to question both our sanity and life choices, wondering if we would ever make it. Happily, we succeeded in getting the damned thing installed. Just in time, too. With a broken camper heater and the temperature dipping into the low twenties, it was high time we had some warmth in our lives.

Tyler Drilling Hole in Roof for Chimney Tara Cutting Out Chimney Hole in Roof Tyler Preparing to Chainsaw Through Roof Tyler Chainsawing Through Roof Timber Frame Straw Bale Cottage in Construction Tyler Spray Painting Chimney Support Trim Chimney Support Box Extension Fabricated Chimney Support Insert Fabricated Chimney Support Insert Tara Connecting Class A Triple Wall Stove Pipes Chimney Installation on  Strawbale Cottage Tyler Installing Class A Chimney Pipe Stove Pipe Installation in Strawbale Cottage First Fire in Morso 1440 Wood Stove