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Starting an Orchard in Vermont, Part Three: Planting Trees

by Tara

Today, we woke early, excited to finally plant our eighteen fruit trees. Tyler got busy digging holes, while I weed-wacked the entire hillside so we could get a sense of the contour of the land, hidden beneath knee-high burdock and nightshade.

Tyler Digging Hole for Pear Tree Tara String Trimming Orchard Site

Together, we carried each heavy pot to its new, sunny home.

Fruit Trees Ready to Plant Cherry Tree Stake Preparing to Plant Pear Tree

We filled our holes with David's special planting mix, and a sprinkling of kelp meal. We tipped the tree, pummeling the pot to break the soil loose from the sides. Then, we lifted the tree up and into the hole, adding more mix and meal around the perimeter. We filled in the gap with dirt, and pressed it down to form a sort of moat to facilitate easy watering.

Elmore Root's Successsful Tree Planting Mix Planting Trees w/ Neptune's Harvest Kelp Meal Freshly Planted Mesabi Cherry Tree

All in all, since Tyler already dug the holes, planting was fairly easy. Still, we tapped out at around 4:00PM, so we could get cleaned up and ready for supper at the neighbors house. Eight trees down, ten to go!

Our Orchard Site