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Farewell to the Swift

by Tyler

Matt and Tom gave it their best shot this morning, but the Swift's bent connecting rods couldn't be repaired. When they went to make arrangements to leave their car with the Mongol Rally, they discovered another Suzuki Swift at the drop point. If we'd checked a day earlier, we could've tried a parts swap, but as it is, we don't have time to sacrifice another day. Most of the team has rapidly approaching engagements back home.

So, after a sad farewell, Matt and Gem moved in with Mongol Betty (the Citroen Saxo) and the cabbies—ready to ride along for the remainder of the trip.

Not much happened with us—I spent most of the day programming, while Tara journaled like a madwoman, attempting to carve a few entries out of our massive pile of notes. Other than that, we packed our room and our car, and headed out of town with the convoy to free-camp for the night.

Here's a photo of Gem looking lovely in her new Mongolian garb (or, as everyone on the team calls them: Jedi Robes), just before leaving Bayankhongor.

Gem in Mongolian Garb