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Making Window Reveals

by Tara

It feels like we've been saying we are "almost ready to plaster!" for ages now. And by "ages" I mean a few weeks, back when Pete and Natasha finished installing straw bales in the gable ends of the cottage. Ever since, there has been a non-stop supply of tasks that need to be accomplished before we can start plastering. The current phase in the post-baling, pre-plastering process is making curved window reveals.

Stuffing Window Reveals

Like basically everything in this project, the job is turning out to be more time consuming than we thought it would be. So, we've enlisted some assistance. This weekend, our friend Greg came over and generously stayed for hours. We had such a great time talking and listening to music—thank you so much for your hard work, Greg, you were a huge help!

Tyler Stapling Mesh to Make Window Reveals Greg Helping Shape Window Reveals Us & Greg Shaping Window Reveals Tyler & Greg Shaping WIndow Reveals Tyler & Greg Shaping WIndow Reveals Us (by Greg)

A few days later, Joanna and Jenna dropped by to lend a hand. Tyler was bummed he couldn't join in, and almost played hooky from work to do so. It turned out that he was simply too swamped, so was just the three of us sweaty, smelly, "feral women" as, Jenna put it. It was great! Thanks for the help ladies!

Jenna & Straw Jenna Stuffing Window Reveals with Straw Jenna Stuffing Window Reveals with Straw Joanna Stapling Wire Mesh on Window Framing Joanna Joanna Flexing for the Camera Joanna & Jenna

Even with all the extra hands we've had, there is still much work to be done. When Tyler isn't by my side running the electrical wiring in the house, I work alone, listening to audio books like Master and Commander or Dragonfly in Amber while I shape the window reveals. Lately I've been working upstairs, where the windows are smaller and thus easier for me to handle on my own.

While stuffing straw into wire mesh isn't my favorite task (and it's one of the prime culprits for hand-gouging), I don't mind too much—the payoff is so huge! The windows look wonderful with their lovely finished curves (as seen on the left side of the window in the photo below)!

Loose Straw Falling in Straw Bale Cottage
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I didn't realize the curved windows were an extra step. I always thought the straw bales did that naturally. Looks great though! I can almost imagine it with plaster on it!
Posted by Maddie on July 29th, 2014 at 8:46 PM
Realized today it had been a while since I'd read...then came on and realized "a while" was 2 months. I'm blown away by your progress! I can't imagine how daunting it must be at times (well, I can imagine it after Tara's meltdown post, winkwink)...point is, you guys are amazing and inspiring, and those meltdowns are totally necessary to maintain sanity. Thanks so much for keeping us along for the ride, I'm having a blast!
Posted by Melanie J. on July 31st, 2014 at 3:28 PM
You really live in my kind of dream house. Surrounded by nature and the fact that a couple of years ago, it was only a small wooden patch and now it's a nearly completed homestead done to your specs. Everyday I've to stay focused to not sell everything and start on my own (with Ana of course!). Seeing how far you can go with the super-power of willingness and friends should give everyone the kick in the butt to live ''The right way'' like you do. Being a super techy kind of person myself, I can't wait to see the solar shed! And to see the grindbygg size for real. But I think that the real mortar of this homestead is you two. And this is the first thing we want to see! :)

Lets us some work to do!
Posted by Anaïs & Carl on August 6th, 2014 at 10:09 AM
Master and Commander! Such a wonderful book. In fact, the other 19 books in the series are every bit as good too. Unheard of for a series to stay interesting for that many volumes. I hope you enjoyed it :0)
Posted by Joel on September 9th, 2014 at 9:03 PM