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Heat & Water

by Tyler

Today, I arranged a meeting with a master gas fitter to see about hooking up a propane regulator on the outside of the cottage. Our current plan is to run our oven and on-demand hot water heater with a pair of 40lb tanks. Someday it would be nice to plumb in a line from a huge buried tank, but that isn't in the cards this year.

Then, I drove an hour to Troy, New York to buy a 250 gallon, food grade IBC water tank (found on craigslist), and stopped at The Stove Depot to pick up our tiny wood stove, the Morso 1440!

Forklift Loading Morso Woodstove into Truck

When I drove up with our new heat and water solutions in tow, Tara threw her hands up and cheered, and then proceeded to hug our cute little stove. She and I carried the 215lb firebox into the house by ourselves and ogled it for a bit before getting back to work. Soon, we'll have a hearthstone, and install a stove pipe!

Happy Tara with New Morso 1440 Woodstove