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Blood, Sweat & Tears (and Snot)

by Tara

Almost every single day, I injure myself while working on the house. Some are minuscule wounds, others are larger, requiring a bit of super glue to patch them up. The main perpetrators are plaster lath and wire mesh—it's so easy to gouge myself on errant, razor-sharp poky wire! I often wear gloves, but sometimes the loss of dexterity just isn't worth it. And so, my hands are looking like this these days:

Cutting Plaster (Blood) Lath Blood Lathe Scar + Super Glue Tara's Cut-Up Hands

And for posterity, this is what I usually look like, with a steady stream of clear snot leaking from my nose, brought on by straw dust. This house sure is getting my blood, sweat, and tears! And snot, too. :-)

Tara (aka Snotty Nose McGee)