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Laying Roof Decking

by Tyler

This morning, I climbed onto the roof of our workshop and I didn't come down until dusk. I was busy loping around on our rafters with a mallet, drill, and saw in hand, laying courses of tongue and groove roof decking. It feels so good to have reached a point in our project where I can work on things by myself. I have been dreaming of days like this ever since we bought our land two years ago!

Tyler Laying Roof Decking

The weather couldn't be more idyllic—the equinox was only yesterday, but fall is already in full swing. All around me, our trees are swaying in cool autumn breezes, occasionally sending sprays of yellow leaves raining down like snowflakes as I work. The sky is a sharp blue, and the air crisp and cool. Overhead, the occasional skein of honking geese passes by, flying south for winter.

Roof Decking on Grindbygg Timber Frame Workshop Roof Decking on Grindbygg Timber Frame Workshop Tyler on Roof Decking Tyler on Grindbygg Timber Frame Roof Grindbygg Timber Frame Workshop Tyler Laying Roof Decking

It is a productive day—I manage to finish half of the decking on the back side. As long as there are no major mishaps, this stage of the project should be complete before the end of next week!

Roof Decking on Grindbygg Timber Frame Workshop