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Home Again

by Tara

Well I'm home again, and while I've only been gone a few days, it feels as though a lifetime has passed since last I walked our land. When Tyler and I headed to Illinois, it was summertime, and now it's clear that autumn has begun, just barely, making itself known with yellowing leaves and a mellowing shift in the quality of the sunlight. If it's fall already, glorious heaven, where did September go?

Our Homestead

Since Tyler left for Boston to work as soon as we arrived, I'm alone today. I'm glad of the solitude. I feel tender and out of sorts, vaguely disembodied, as if some part of my soul was left behind in Illinois.


My plan had originally been to jump back into construction today, but thankfully, Tyler and my mom encouraged me to take a much-needed 24-hour rule. The thought of not starting on the house today hadn't even occurred to me, so I'm grateful for their gentle urging.

Flowers from Greer

It's a good thing, too, because I am utterly useless. There are so many, many things to do, but the thought of plastering feels far outside of my ability right now.


I do manage to run an errand or two, but I take the drive slowly, and on back roads, stopping often to take pictures of the changing leaves.

Country Road Outside Manchester, VT

I need time to sit alone and think of my grandmother.

Leaves for Grandma Next to Grandpa's Boots

I need time to feel, time for my soul to drift back into my body.

Sunderland Railroad Rails

Time to finish coming home.