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Prairie Fruits Farm

by Tyler

It is unseasonably cool today, breaking a string of typically-sweltering Midwest summer afternoons. We've decided to take advantage of the inviting weather with a short bike ride. Cycling out of town, we are overcome by a familiar, contented peacefulness. The world is so calm and inviting in the countryside, especially from the seat of our bicycles.

Though we are riding into a powerful headwind, we can hardly be bothered to acknowledge it, given the easy length of our ride (and the fact that our bicycles are totally unladen). Our destination is Prairie Fruits Farm, a local organic goat dairy operation, about seven miles outside of Tara's hometown.

Prairie Fruits Farm Sign

Pulling into the property for their once-a-week mini-farmer's-market/open-house, we're welcomed in, and given samples of their goat's milk gelato (tasty!). After we buy a few scoops, we set out to meet the farm's inhabitants. Oh how we've missed this! Ever since our return to America our lives have been distinctly lacking in animal encounters.

Goats Goat in the Barn Goat Peering Chicken Pretty Long-Eared Goat Chickens Goat

From brioche-stealing goats, storm-weathering chickens and smelly camels, to the usual stray cats and dogs, we miss the constant and varied animal encounters that had become a part of our daily life. A visit to the farm helps to cure our need to be the natural world, if only for a little while.

Tyler & Chicken Tyler Petting the Goats Tara Petting Goats Goat Eating Tyler's Hand Tyler Hugging Goat

On one end of the grounds, we find Tara's favorite farm-yard structure: beehives. She photographs them for awhile, enjoying the buzz while telling me all about her future plans for bee stewardship. Once she's satisfied, we walk around the garden, plotting, planning, and envisioning what our own might look like, someday soon.

Beehives Tyler at Prairie Fruits Farm Baby Beets? Sugar Snap Peas No Farmers - No Food Bumper Sticker Tiller

When it's time to head home, we zip into town, back to the hustle and bustle of cars and exhaust, far from the peaceful green fields that are calling us. We've only just returned, but I want to get our homesteading project started, and soon!

Tara Cycling Home