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Foraging for Mulberries

by Tara

My dad, thoughtful guy that he is, came home from a bike ride yesterday with a sketch of our neighborhood, outlining a route to the exact locations of four nearby mulberry trees, which he knew to be heavily laden with berries. Proudly presenting us with his treasure map, he invited us to embark on a fun, impromptu mission, combining our love of cycling and eating. We were thrilled!

Dad's Mulberry Tree Treasure Map

Riding off, map in hand, we soon found the trees right where the treasure map said they'd be, thin "X"s marking their locations. The polkadotted sidewalk and purple berries smooshed under our tires were dead giveaways we were in the right place. We leaned our bikes up against the tree, and got to work.

Mulberries on the Sidewalk

It didn't seem like anyone else had been there to forage, and there were berries aplenty, both on the tree, and fallen to the ground, going to waste. I wonder if anyone else knows that these fruits are edible? We picked a big bagful of the plump berries, eating way too many, and dying our fingers a dark eggplant color in the process.

Mulberries Tara Picking Mulberries

I was going to make jam or a tart out of them, but we wound up eating them all instead. Oops.

Bag of Mulberries

Thank you for the treasure hunt, dad!

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    Your dad's got a great sense of fun! I could tell by the first picture of your hand and map what you were up to even if the post hadn't mentioned mulberries. They ripen in Nov in WA (Aus) and, if you can resist them fresh, they are fantastic made into Mulberry & Apple Jam or bottled with a bit of cheap 'Blackberry Nip' to have as a fruity, boozey companion to vanilla icecream when summer is at it's height. If you fancy them when you find your patch of dirt they are the easiest thing to take cuttings of - 30cm bit of thin branch stuck in a pot, ignore it, discover it behind the shed months later and whack it in the ground in the middle of summer, forgetting to water it half the time - at least, that's how I got mine :)
    Posted by BB on July 21st, 2011 at 3:33 AM