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Smoke & Fire

by Tara

This summer, the smell of cut grass and fresh peas plucked straight from the vine has been infused with the scent of smoke. There have been quick dinners of vegetable kebabs, hot off the grill, made of the freshest possible ingredients prepared as simply as can be.

Veggie Kebabs on the Grill Dad Grilling Tara Cooking (Not Naked) Smokey Grill

…and there have been bonfires with dear old friends, reunited for the first time in over two years. Amid the talking and laughing late into the night, there are sliders of smokey barbecued pork, bags of plump marshmallows, and bottles of chilled beer. Sharing the experience with the oldest friends I've got, a night around the campfire is just about perfect.

Asher & Tyler Building a Fire Friends Around the Fire Tara & Karina Chatting by the Fire