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Settled in Rethymnon

by Tara

Our ride yesterday was a quick 20km jaunt into a ferocious headwind. Knowing we only had a short way to go made the wall we were riding into mostly a non-issue. The brief struggle ended, quite pleasantly, at the quaint hostel in the center of the coastal town of Rethymnon.

Youth Hostel Street

We've had low expectations of youth hostels ever since our experiences with them in Tunisia. Our hopes weren't incredibly high for Greece either; we'd passed over the one in Iraklion a week and a half ago because it was so unwelcoming.

Rethymnon's hostel broke our string of bad experiences with ease. We could tell it was different the moment we arrived, first by the colorful mural in the entryway, and then by the friendly staff who welcomed us. We both smiled and said "this is what a hostel is supposed to be like!"

Rethymno Youth Hostel... The End of the Trail Hostel Potted Plants

It's a bright and airy place, with a central courtyard surrounded by palm trees. Almost like a campsite ("remember campsites?!" we asked each other wistfully), but with indoor beds. It is so nice to find affordable lodging that offers exactly what we need, and nothing more.

Hostel Porch Cooking Area

Here, we have ample space to keep our bicycles, and we didn't even receive dirty looks as we rolled them into the courtyard! There is a cooking area so we don't have to eat out or sneakily light our stove indoors. A fridge for our groceries, and large outdoor sinks that will come in useful for cleaning water-bottles and clothing complete the package.

Pathway to the Bathroom Block

It's cheap, clean, friendly, and charming. What more could we ask for? We'll be taking full advantage of our splendid accommodations for a few days of rest and work!