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Family Remedy

by Tara

Last night I went to bed with a hurty, swollen feeling on the left side of my neck, but I didn't think much of it. When I awoke this morning, I felt wretched. When I tried to talk, it sounded as if I had a pillow shoved down my throat, and felt like it too! Where did you come from, tonsillitis?!

Somehow I managed to sleep most of the day, alternating between chilled shivering and overheated sweating, while Tyler got a boatload of work done. When I was gently roused from my slumber by the announcement that his brothers and sisters were online, I shuffled downstairs (where our laptop was plugged in) to say hello.

I'm convinced there is no better remedy than a chat with these guys. Here's Gabe in the background, and adorable Isaac showing us a new treasure. Vivian is holding a golf-ball on his head. Don't bother asking why, we don't know either :)

Gabe & Isaac on Skype

And here's Gabe, Vivian, and Esther being cute as ever:

Gabe, Vivian & Esther on Skype

We love and miss you all so much! Sending you giant squeezes and endless rounds of mummy hide and seek!

PS: Here's a photo of Tyler with a giant lego Roman soldier. We took it just for you, Gabe!

Tyler & Lego Roman Soldier

Editor's Note: We were just informed by Gabriel Kellen that the large "lego" man is actually "playmobil". The glaring discrepancies between the two are numerous.