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Life in Vientiane

by Going Slowly

Vientiane feels more like a slightly large and modern village than a nation's capital. In spite of it's sizable (relatively speaking, here) population of two hundred some thousand inhabitants, the city retains that pleasant, poky vibe we've come to identify as iconically Laotian.

Rue Manthatourath Plaid Tourists on Blue Bicycles Paintings for Sale from Behind Paintings for Sale Department of Information And Culture in Vientiane Capital Lao Shrine & Pepsi Grilling Fish

There is, thankfully, not much to do here in terms of sites and attractions. Or maybe we just no longer feel the need to see all the wats and silk weaving factories and sprawling, crowded, colorful markets. We are content to get work done, go for walks along the river, eat crumbly, buttery pastries from French bakeries, and scarf down spicy enchiladas from the Mexican restaurant down the street.

Tara Tex-Mex Restaurant Chicken Enchilada at Tex- Mex Restaurant Dusty Fan Over Band