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Meta Morning

by Tyler

It was very windy as we broke camp this morning in preparation to head to the nearby city of Rethymnon for a few days of rest. While stuffing our tent into its drybag, I spied a ladybug scurrying across the patch of earth we'd camped on. My immediate reaction was to drop everything to grab the camera. In doing so, I nearly let our tent blow away into the ocean far below. Yikes!

Lady Bug

Crouched on the ground, watching this tiny insect, I couldn't help but feel a sense of kinship with it. Like me, he or she will likely plod along for most of the day, covering almost no distance at all:

Lady Bug

During the course of the journey, he or she will approach giant obstacles:

Lady Bug

…and dutifully climb over them, only to begin the process anew on the other side:

Lady Bug

As I was snapping these photos, I felt keenly aware of my duality, being both large and powerful, and of minuscule insignificance. Then, I had a moment of pause, wondering if anyone was hovering over me, documenting my comparatively slow progress through the universe or metaverse or whatever the hell this is.

As I took my eyes away from the viewfinder of our camera, I snapped out of my daze, rejoining the world. It was time to continue our own adventure! After being crushed into a thorn bush by her bike last night, Tara eagerly accepted when I offered to push for her.

Tyler Pushing through the Prickly Bushes

While I hauled our bikes through a mess of brambles to the road, I asked Tara to grab our camera and document the obstacles we had to contend with to start our day.

Prickly Plant Prickly Plant