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A Pigpen for Jenna

by Going Slowly

This morning, we loaded up some of our tools, grabbed a few random bits of wood from our workshop site, and headed over to see our friend, Jenna at Cold Antler Farm. There, we met Kathy and Mary of Wind Women Farm, and after a morning cup of mate tea, we got to work. Jenna needed a shelter for her woodland pig operation, and we had offered to help.

After a bit of brainstorming as a group about the size, location, and shape of the structure, we broke up into groups to tackle it. Mary spent most of her time cleaning up the surrounding area, Jenna focused mainly on the electric fencing she'd be using, and we teamed up with Kathy to begin construction. Once we had a plan, it didn't take long to erect a three-sided shelter using the scraps of lumber we'd brought.

Kathy & Jenna Hammering Posts Kathy Chainsawing Pointy End off Wood Jenna Screwing Pigpen Frame Together Tara & Jenna Screwing Pigpen Frame Together Tara Screwing Roofing on Pigpen

The day was a great success! The pig pagoda turned out beautifully, and we can't wait for our share of pork!

Jenna, Kathy, Tara, and Mary with New Woodland Pigpen