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Generator Update

by Tyler

I just realized that I didn't write anything about the fate of our generator after it stopped running a few weeks back. To my chagrin, Bob, over at Day's Small Engine Repair was able to get in running in about two minutes. He just took the spark plug off, squirted some oil in the cylinder, and pulled it over. The dang thing started right up. His best guess is that there was something stuck in the valves and the oil helped it break free.

Gahh! I spent like four hours fighting with the stupid thing. Oh well, at least I learned a new trick. During the several days we were without the generator, our neighbors Jeremy and Hercilia let us charge our battery every other day in their garage. So, all in all, the whole thing wasn't that big of an inconvenience. Actually, it was really peaceful not running the generator every day. I can't wait until we get our solar array going!

Our Generator