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Holiday on Wheels

by Tara

Today, I stopped at our local library's book sale, and was happily surprised to discover a book called Holiday on Wheels by Catherine Woolley. This 1950s children's novel is about a boy named David who quits his paper route because he doesn't like cycling on the busy roads near his house. In order to rejuvinate his interest in cycling and teach him how to become more determined, he and his father plan a bicycle tour in Maine.

Holiday on Wheels

It's clear that the author has been on tour, because her descriptions are so right on, it's uncanny. Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

But he searched the landscape in vain for shelter. David's hope plunged into gloom. He didn't like this weather. Biking was grand when the sky stretched cloudless above him and the sun and wind made him feel keen. This cold rain was quite a different matter...
Into the Fog
The heads of the mountains were covered with clouds this morning, like dense white smoke. What they could see of the landscape looked wild and beautiful. The town lay in a valley and the road wound up, up, up, always up, ahead of them."
Tara Mountain Climbing in the Switzerland

Somewhere beyond his vision the road would begin to climb and wind among the peaks. But he wasn't going to worry about the tough climb ahead. After what he had come through, he knew he could take it...

For the moment, he was going to enjoy this level road through the peaceful summer valley, stretching as far as he could see between the golden wheat fields. David pushed hard on his pedals, then relaxed and sat back, feeling the wind help him along.

Boy, David thought, this is the life!

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