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Sheila, Kai, & Their Tiny House

by Tara

After land-hunting our way through most of western Vermont, we ended in the state's largest city, Burlington, at the home of Sheila and Kai, the thoughtful, socially-aware, and environmentally-conscious couple behind the website, 2cycle2gether. We've been following the pair for months, reading with great interest as they write about their upcoming world-cycle tour, and film the construction their own tiny house.

Kai & Sheila (www.2cycle2gether.com) and their Tiny House

We'd never met, but they greeted us like old friends, and we immediately began sharing stories with one another. Over water, and then wine, and then a dinner of Vietnamese food at a nearby restaurant, we took turns mining each other for information, them about long-term cycle touring (they are still in the preparation stages of their world tour), and us, about tiny homes and sustainable building. It was fantastic to finally meet them, and to find, once again, a pair of kindred spirits thanks to the power of the internet.

Sheila & Kai (www.2cycle2gether.com) in their Tiny House

I'd heard of "tiny houses" and I'd seen many photos of the minuscule, smartly-designed dwellings, but no matter how much I read about and appreciated the sensible concept, the idea was always firmly relegated to the camp of "cool, but not for me". As it turns out, I wasn't prepared for how it felt to actually be in one. They're actually pretty fantastic!

The Tiny House of Kai & Sheila (www.2cycle2gether.com)

It was completely unlike the cramped experience I was imagining; I must say it felt… spacious! (It looks even more roomy thanks to our wide-angle lens.) Once Sheila and Kai finish the loft, their bed will go up there, and the boards stacked up against the walls will be gone, creating even more room. Their little kitchen, complete with marine alcohol oven, seemed functional and comfortable, too.

The Tiny House Kitchen of Kai & Sheila (www.2cycle2gether.com)

Spending time in Sheila and Kai's home has led me to completely re-think the concept of tiny dwellings. I'd still prefer to sculpt our house, but it is great to have some experience-based perspective about this style of home. It's freeing to know that I really could be totally comfortable living in such a space.

Kai & Sheila (www.2cycle2gether.com)

Good luck with everything you two! We'll be following along!



What a wonderfully serendipitous world it is, to have you both end up here in Vermont for a visit, just before we head out on our own travels by bicycle! We've followed your blog for years & it often helped keep the dream of cycling around the world alive in our hearts. We really loved meeting you, will be anxiously following your homesteading adventure from the road, and look forward to future dinners where we ramble on about all-things with you.

(P.S. It's really interesting to read your take on how the space of our house felt to you. It feels more spacious than I had expected too. I can't wait to visit you & your future home upon our return. I love cob/strawbale homes - they are so peaceful and organic.)

Posted by Sheila on September 10th, 2011 at 1:14 AM
It was wonderful to meet you two! Thank you for everything, and thank you for Simple Food for the Good Life. As soon as we finish The Good Life, we'll start in on it. Can't wait to have our land all set up so you two can come visit! You're welcome to park your tiny house at our place any time. :-)
Posted by Tara on September 14th, 2011 at 9:20 AM
I am so impressed with your tiny house. I have reworked ideas for frame, and seem to be settling on the front shape of your home. I was curious the length, height and width. I had a rough draft about five years ago, but with a hip roof, yet decided I wanted the extra space, so will need to go up for bed placement. Really excited. Where are you located? on have a minute here, but if you are not too far, can always come by if the invite is open. Sweet. Really sweet. Will need to come back again and see more here. Thank you for sharing this with all. I remember about five or six years ago, there was so little info, and now it has just so taken off. Ready here. Smiling....Morgaine
Posted by Morgaine on January 21st, 2014 at 8:53 PM