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The Trailer & Truck Saga: Part Six

by Tara

The living room was a whirlwind of activity today; it looked as though a tornado had blasted through JoAnne fabrics, leaving spools of thread, tangled measuring tapes, and fraying scraps of cotton canvas in its wake. In the midst of the mess, Tyler's mom and I were hard at work. I spent the morning covering the bedroom shades and valances, while Jodi continued to pin and sew dinette cushions.

Tara Gluing Fabric on Shade while Jodi Sews Cushion Covers Laying Out Fabric to Cover Ugly Shades Ready to Apply Fabri-Tac Fabric Glue

In the afternoon, Tyler and I headed out for even more supplies, hitting up Target (for sheets, garbage can, oven mitts, etc), the hardware store (extension cord, curtain rods, new wall sconces, etc.), and the fabric store for last-minute odds and ends. When we returned home, we excitedly installed as much of it as we could.

Camper Table Covered in Tools Tyler Disassembling Wall Sconce Tyler Disassembling Wall Sconce Tyler Fixing a Drawer Slide in Our Camper

To cap off another busy day of Operation Camper Makeover, I installed our newly-covered bedroom shades, and glued on the newly-covered valances. Tyler cleverly added the styrofoam end pieces so I wouldn't have to hold the valance while the glue dried. Thanks honey!

Finished Covered Shade! New Fabric-Covered Valance

It is going to look so much better in here when we're finished. And more importantly, it will feel like home!