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The Trailer & Truck Saga: Part Five

by Tara

I'm having loads of fun with our HGTV-style camper makeover, but I'm also completely exhausted. For some reason, it always takes me by surprise when Tyler and I mobilize a spontaneous plan. It feels as though I've inadvertently stepped onto a high-speed train. Right now, we are anything but "going slowly."

Bright and early this morning, Operation Camper Makeover was well underway. After snapping some "before" photos of the hideous interior, I began the process of gutting our camper. With gusto, I tore out the ugly valances and faux-chrome shades, then peeled the brassy accents off of everything I could. As the look improved with the removal of each item, I began to wonder why camper manufacturers bother to decorate them at all.

There must be a person who is sitting there saying "Let's pick out the ugliest fabric we can find and put it in all campers everywhere."

Kristi of Pink & Polka Dot
Tara's Self-Portrait in Ugly Brassy Mirror Hideously Ugly Shade and Valance Hideously Ugly Stained Glass Mirror Insert Hideously Ugly Valances Coming Off Hideously Ugly Cushions and Valances Hideously Ugly (and Dirty) Light Fixture Camper in the Midst of a Makeover

After I was through dismantling the camper's interior, it was time for a deep clean. Though it seemed decently tidy when we bought it, closer inspection revealed a few seasons' worth of dead bugs, dust bunnies, and dirt. The shop-vac took care of the larger chunks, and for the smaller stuff, I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed some rags and cleaning supplies, and went to town.

A few hours and one squeaky clean camper later, I headed back to the house with a few padded, grey-velour covered pieces of the dinette in hand: the end caps and side pieces that hold the cushions in place. Setting up a hot-gluing station at the kitchen island, I covered the pieces with scraps of light green canvas fabric leftover from the cushion-making project.

Getting Ready to Cover Various Pieces of the Dinette Cushions Tara's Trusty Glue Gun

While I worked, hot-gluing green fabric over the bits and pieces, Jodi took time out of her busy work schedule to pin and sew a dinette cushion or two. As she fired up her sewing machine, I thanked my lucky stars that my mother-in-law (or Jodi-in-law as I call her) had swooped in help me. Thank you, Jodi!!!

Jodi Measuring Cushion Cover Fabric Jodi Testing a Cushion Cover

With the day rapidly coming to a close, I hopped in the car and made one more quick run to the fabric store to purchase the items I'd need for the first of tomorrow's tasks: covering the bedroom shades and valances.



Tara--I wish I lived closer to be able to help you out with this craft project, as we were able to do in college. So glad for your mother and mother-in-law to help you.
~Julia H.
Posted by Julia H. on January 21st, 2013 at 1:20 PM
This is very exciting! Can't wait to see it finished.
Posted by Emily Bruce on January 21st, 2013 at 6:18 PM
Julia - Oh I wish we lived closer to one another, too! I would have *loved* your help, and your company, of course. As I was staying up late making all of this stuff, I was also reminded of college and all of those late-night art projects we did. Or rather, *I* did, because you were usually way more disciplined and didn't procrastinate like I did. :-) Ahhh memories. Love you!

Emily - Thanks!! Just a few more posts to go until we get to the finished product. :)
Posted by Tara on January 22nd, 2013 at 6:35 PM