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A Snow Day

by Tara

As if to welcome us to our new home, Nature decorated our woods with a snowy white blanket last night. Fat, wet flakes continue to fall throughout this morning, filling us with childlike joy and excitement. We bundle up and head outside for a walk to our pond, scarcely able to believe our good fortune, enraptured by our Narnia-like surroundings. We are here, on our land, and it is beautiful!

Our Camper in the Snow! Downed Tree on our Land (in the Snow) Downed Tree on our Land (in the Snow) Tara Walking Through our Woods Tara on our Snowy Frozen Pond (With Heart Made by Tyler)

After we make it to the pond, Tyler shuffles out a heart for me in the snow (so sweet!). Then, we walk back to our camper hand in hand, quoting Robert Frost. Whose woods these are I think I know...


The rest of our snowy day is spent running errands and hauling our stuff to a storage facility. The woman at the office is very friendly, wishing us a warm welcome to Vermont, and even giving us a larger storage unit for the same price as the smaller one we wanted. Sweet! With all of our unnecessary (for this project) belongings packed away and gone from our camper, it's beginning to feel considerably more like home.

Our Possessions in Storage