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Up the Drive We Go!

by Tara

Now that Tim is gone, Tyler and I have a little chat to decide what we want to do next. Though we're touched by Rick's offer to let us park on his land, we're both eager to be settled, once and for all, in our very own woods. It was muddy here yesterday, and tomorrow it's supposed to snow, but we're fairly confident that our drive will be passable today. So, we've decided to attempt hauling our camper in.

First things first: we drive to our local Stihl dealership. There, we meet Allan, the kind, welcoming owner, as well as two of his sixteen(!) huskies. While Tyler is busy purchasing another chainsaw, larger than the one we used to clear our drive the first time, I bury my face into his dog Chemukh's beautiful fur, imagining myself as a musher someday.

Allan's Stihl Shop The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness of Low Price Allan's Beautiful Sled Dog

Back on our land, we're ready to roll. In the classic words of Fezzik from The Princess Bride...

"I hope we win!"

Tara with Chainsawing Helmet On

Our drive is like an obstacle course, with many trees and rocks to avoid. Watch out, don't scrape the camper against that tree!

Hauling Our Camper Up the Drive

Let's get those branches out of the way...

Tara Clearing the Drive

...stop the truck, there's a big tree!

Tyler Chainsawing a Tree, Clearing the Drive

Go team! We're almost there!

Us with Chainsaws on our Drive Safety Note: We have chaps now, and we always wear them.

Rounding the final steep curve in our drive, the camper groans slightly, teetering as it goes. Boulders are missed by centimeters. And then, finally, we reach the clearing. We park the camper, and let out sighs of relief.

Our Camper Successfully Parked in our Clearing!

Wahoo! We did it! We're settled at last!