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Driving Around Town

by Tara

We said a heartfelt goodbye to ba noi today (little did she know she would be whisked off to the airport soon after we left, as a surprise birthday trip to Paris!) and hopped in our little red car.

Tyler Driving

Our plan for afternoon was to find a nice coffeeshop, get some work done, and drive to a campsite. The day was a relaxing success. After much driving (mostly in search of parking), we found the nice place to settle in for the day: Winterfeldt Schokoladen, a coffeeshop/upscale chocolatria. In years long past, it had been an apothecary. As a result, there were many gorgeous wooden cabinets, little drawers everywhere, carved signs, and fancy moldings.

Winterfeldt Schokoladen

Eschewing the typical mugs found in most coffee shops, Winterfeldt served their drinks in antique teacups and saucers.

Tea Cups Scone Crumbs

We had a great view from our table looking outside…


…and quite a nice one looking inside on all the fancy chocolates too.

Winterfeldt Schokoladen

We spent several hours working…

Tyler Programming

…and finally, around 5 PM, we decided to call it a day. In a refreshing change of pace, we hopped into our car, instead of on to our bikes, and headed home.

Berlin by Car Berlin by Car Tara in the Mirror

…on the way, we cranked the stereo and sang along loudly (and terribly):

Us Singing

I can't believe it. We actually managed to get a car, and soon we will be headed into Russia with it!

Us Driving

About 20km outside of Berlin, we arrived at camp, set up our tent, and enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to extricate our belongings from our bikes' bungee nets (for some indescribable reason, both of us hate this simple task). Once everything was set up, I went for a walk, camera in tow.

Queen Anne's Lace Sun in Leaves

Our campsite bordered a beautiful lake where many people (and ducks) were enjoying the water.

Ducks on Deck Sailing Duck on Water Sailing Woman Boating

What a lovely day.