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A Brief Walk in Kazan

by Going Slowly

We woke early today, and headed into the city for some sight-seeing. Off to the Kremlin we walked, along a canal and past several churches. Tyler was excited when we saw an onion dome which was only partially constructed; he wondered if this was how they are all made:

Russian Man Working Russian Church Construction

Perhaps because it was Sunday, the town was quiet. There were lots of city workers sweeping up last night's wreckage, though.

Russian Woman Sweeping Kazan Church & Alcohol Bottles

A few blocks further, we arrived at our destination: Kazan's Kremlin, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Kazan Kremlin

Inside, we stared in awe at Qolsharif Mosque, the crown jewel of Kazan.

Kazan Mosque Kazan Mosque

Once we'd explored the old walled fortifications, we walked back to our hotel by way of the University. Tyler especially enjoyed the physics building with its e=mc2 sculpture on the side.

University Physics Building, Kazan

We paused during the end of our walk for a cooling ice cream break, and then hustled back to our air-conditioned cave to pack up before check-out time.