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Impromptu Garden Update: August

by Tara

The garden is doing amazingly, despite (or perhaps because of?) my lack of care: I haven't weeded at all, and I only watered once at the very beginning when nothing had sprouted yet and we'd had a few days without rain. Now, everything is doing great.

Impromptu Garden - August, 2014

We ate our first peas! And kale and m√Ęche! And our cucumbers are going nuts. So many cucumbers!

Cucumber Mache Lettuce Greens

Very best of all, There is a plant in the compost bin (last year's bay) that is a MONSTER VOLUNTEER! For the longest time, I couldn't tell if it was cucumber or zucchini or what. Turns out, it's a delicata quash—my favorite—and there are oh, about thirty squashes growing on it right now. Insane.

Monster Delicata Squash Forest

I'm pretty sure it has its own ecosystem and creates its own weather patterns. It might just visible from space.

HUGE Volunteer Delicata Squash in Compost Bin