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Another Adventure

by Going Slowly

This morning, Jurgita didn't go to work. Tomorrow, her husband Tomas will finish the last day at his forestry job. Why? Next week, they will pedal out of their driveway, heading south from their home in Lithuania towards Turkey, a trip two years in the planning, with no defined end.

Their bikes are almost ready:

Bike Tour Preparations

Just as we did while preparing for our tour, Tomas and Jurgita have large maps on the wall, used for encouragement and planning every day. Several times during our stay, we used them to show one another different routes—the one we've taken, the ones we have before us, the ones we dream of.

We were particularly interested in Tomas and Jurgita's stories about their two-year long tour from Lake Titicaca to Buenos Aires. South America sure sounds inviting!

World Map

Once they reach Turkey, if visas allow, they will continue through the Middle East. Maybe, just maybe, we'll cross paths again in Asia!

Middle East Wall Map

Good luck Jurgita and Tomas; may tailwinds follow where ever you roam!


If you can read Lithuanian (or don't mind hilariously bad automatic translations), follow along with them here!