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Website Additions

by Tyler

I finally spent some time this weekend working on integrating our Bicycle Touring Database with our website. Most of the changes were to the google map on our home page. Each marker now shows photos and journal entries for the location when you click on it. This feature has been there for awhile but it required manual updating and we stopped doing it several months ago! You can also view tracks and elevation profiles leading to and leaving each marker easily with the links at the bottom of the bubble that pops up.

Another addition to our site is the internet access page. We frequently field questions about how we're staying so connected on our adventure; it was long overdue. There is still some information missing but I will be updating it over the next few days (and for the rest of our trip).

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Tara & Tyler,

I'm a lurker, mother of Emily Bruce, who went to high school behind Tara. Emily pointed out your site, and every so often I catch up. Your photos, your stories, your pluck...reminds me that in 1981 Emily's father and I walked up the coast of the NW Highlands of Scotland, 235 miles. It was quite an adventure, through rain and peat bogs and sheep droppings. Nothing like yours, though. I wish we'd had your oven, I've asked for one for Xmas. But then, we also had no cellphone, Sopranos, computer. Keep your stories, do a book!
Susan Bruce
Posted by Anonymous on November 19th, 2009 at 6:42 PM