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Overwhelmed? Make. A. List.

by Tyler

As Tara and I were driving home from visiting her parents last weekend I had a lot of time to think about all of the loose ends we need to tie up before we go. I started to get a little overwhelmed thinking about everything so Tara suggested that we make a list.

I have made countless lists like this in the last year to help us prepare. I wish now that I had saved them to better remember this part of the trip. I think at some point I will try to compile a complete list of all the steps we went through to get where we are today.

I will revisit this post and strike anything out that we have completed. I can't wait to look back on it fondly when it is done.

Our TO-DO List

  1. Find a home for Tao and Ki.

  2. Figure out storage for what we are keeping.

  3. Purchase insurance plan (WorldNomads.com).

  4. Finish trip business cards (4by6.com).

  5. Test pack the bikes with all gear.

  6. Test box/unbox the bikes for airport.

  7. Arrival plan for Glasgow (stay with friends?).

  8. Research/purchase daypacks.

  9. Cancel/suspend cell phone plans.

  10. Figure out iPod situation (bring two? bring speakers?).

Tyler's TO-DO List

  1. Finish final oven prototype.

  2. Finish picking out tools.

  3. Purchase portable hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent Go).

  4. Research which spare parts to bring.

  5. Finish setting up Garmin Mapsource & GPS Unit.

  6. Purchase bike locks.

  7. Sell work computer/monitors.

  8. Sell car.

  9. Purchase international cellular phone/plan (GoSim.com).

  10. Test solar charging: camera, laptop and phone.

  11. Power Garmin GPS with solar panel (USB cable routing on bike).

  12. Attach bastons to bikes (Arnis De Mano weapons / kickstand).

  13. Return laptop for repairs, it arrived with faulty bezel light. (fixed it myself!)

  14. Adjust downtube water bottle mounts.

  15. Purchase webcam (use Best Buy gift card).

  16. Purchase Tara's Cyclometer.

Tara's TO-DO List:

  1. Determine method of acquiring visas for required countries.

  2. Sew case for oven.

  3. Test water filtration system.

  4. Money belt? Something to hold passports and cash.

  5. Make seating arrangements for plane (sit together hopefully!).

  6. Still need entertainment: BOOK, CARDS, KNITTING?, DRAWING, MUSIC

  7. Sports bras—from Patagonia store in the cities.

  8. Cancel insurance and HSA.

  9. Figure out toiletries situation.


  11. Figure out pans for oven.

  12. Toilet paper.

  13. Purchase camp towels.

  14. Sewing Kit.

It really seems like little details could keep cropping up forever. I wonder if it is even possible to be truly ready to go. I guess we'll find out!