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This is the Hartman Family

by Guest


The week after I finished school (I’m a music teacher), right in the middle of my husband Dan’s busiest time at work (he's a musician, who also engineers stuff), we traveled from Illinois to Vermont in one very long trek with our 6-month old baby, Amos. To say we were beyond excited to see Tara and Tyler and where they are making their home is the understatement of the year.

Dan Arriving on our Land Dan, Julia & Amos


Tyler and Tara are fantastic hosts. They let me cut down trees (plural) and help work on their house. I know, I know, I’m on vacation and I just got back to work? Well I ate most of a 2-lb bag of Hot Tamales on they way there, so I had some extra calories to burn. You’ll note that they were, in fact, a sizzlin' value. Ok, Julia talk more now:

Dan Felling Tree Dan Felling Tree Dan Re-Tying Bale


It was soooo cool! We loved our time in Vermont and the weather was perfect.

Julia & Amos

We are happy we came to visit and were able to experience the life that Tara and Tyler are putting together. From the comfort of my 1,100 square foot, air-conditioned house, it is difficult to imagine how they have survived, let alone stayed married to each other, in that tiny little camper of theirs for two years. It makes me rethink my own footprint in this wonderful world of ours.

Dan Kissing Amos (Held by Tara)

I cannot wait to see what other hijinx these two get into. I know we will make the trek out to Vermont every chance we get, to see their progress, and to let our little boy experience the homesteady side of living.

Dan & Amos


T & T, we love you, we think about you daily, and we’re proud to be your friends. Peace.