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May 2016, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Tyler Installing Handle on Railing Tara Reading College Yearbook in Studio Cleaning & Organizing Grindbygg Studio Fruit Tree Blossoming Flowers Cottage with Ladders Tyler Installing Outdoor Shower On Cistern Shed Door Tyler Resizing Radiant Heat Termination Box Tara Cutting 2x4 For Workshop Wall Our Cottage, Facing West Tyler Plastering Cistern Shed Hydronic Heat Tubing Cubby in Workshop After Plastering Charlie & Tyler Planting Willow Tree for Becky Tyler Fixing Electrical Wiring Mistake in Workshop Us in Oakland, California, Driving to Valley Springs for Powered Paragliding Lessons at Blackhawk Ranch Tara Kiting Paragliding Wing Tyler Reverse Launching a Paragliding Wing Joe Teaching Tyler in a Powered Paragliding Simulator Tara's First Time Wearing a BlackHawk 125 Paramotor