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May 2013, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Hauling our Timberframe to Vermont Tara Fitting Compost Bin Sides Tyler Wading into Pond Tyler Leveling Compost Bin Side Panel Tyler Holding Wild Ramps Tyler Installing Weatherproof Enclosure on Pole Dump Trailer Dumping Wood Tara Raking Cottage Foundation Site Tyler Using Transit to Level Workshop Site Lilacs David & Andrée Tara Having "This Much" Fun Driving in Vermont Tyler Laying Earth Stabilization Fabric Tara Cutting Earth Stabilization Fabric EPS Foam on Muddy Trailer Tyler Fixing Broken Electronics in Messy Camper Tara Swinging on Tree Swing Sad Face on Window Does Not Like Rain Tara Planting Sage Tyler & Rick Assembling Concrete Form Tyler Sawing Foam for Frost-Protected Slab Tyler Adding Grade Stakes to Concrete Form Tara and Little Hopper, Bunny from Home Depot Frost Protected Slab Insulation Dan the Sasuage Man Tara Raking Gravel in Frost Protected Slab Form Tambra Operating Rick's Excavator