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May 2014, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Mark & Tyler Assembling Solar Charging System Tarp Failure on Timber Frame Cottage Us (Hating the World) Tyler Laying Pony Wall Sill Plate Cottage Timber Frame (Pony Wall in Progress) Tara Painting Drywall Tara Cutting Drywall Tyler on Cottage Ridge Beam Wild Morels Tara Marking Window Frame Kolakoski Farm Straw Bale Delivery! SIP Panel Roof Installation The Shenanigans Live @ The Curve Inn The Shenanigans Live @ The Curve Inn Grandma & Grandpa Cohen Grandpa Don, Lian & Dad (Mark) - Three Generations Grandma Jeanne Ivica & Karina Steph & Lian @ Custard Cup Tara Adding Flashing to Window Tyler Drilling into Window Nailing Fins