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Building a Woodshed

by Tara

I am pleased to report that Tyler and I have just set a new homesteading record. We designed and built a pretty sizable structure—a three-sided shed to protect our newly-sawn lumber—in three measly days. This was by far our least difficult build ever. Even less painful than our very first woodworking project, wherein Tyler and I struggled our way through affixing some pre-cut 2x6s together to make a raised bed for his mother (only three short years ago).

Tyler's Mom (Jodi) Gardening

The woodshed project began last Saturday morning. By evening, we were nearly halfway finished:

Woodshed to Cover Milled Lumber in Progress Woodshed to Cover Milled Lumber in Progress, by Night

On Sunday, our work went so smoothly that despite a time crunch (rainstorms in the forecast, and Tyler leaving for a week in Boston early Monday morning!) we didn't feel too hurried. We even had time to bask in the glorious late-fall sunshine, doing nothing at all… for a good ten minutes. I can't wait until our weekends consist of things like reading and napping, instead of endless building projects!

Tyler Resting in the Woods Us Resting in the Woods

Building the woodshed was actually pretty fun, though!

Tara Building Woodshed Tyler Building Woodshed Tara Building Woodshed Milled Lumber in Woodshed Tyler Affixing Rafters on Woodshed

In the afternoon, our neighbor Jeremy stopped by to help for a few hours. While Tyler and I were busy cutting birds' mouths into our 2" x 6" rafters, he installed all the lag bolts in the second half of the shed. Thank you so much, Jeremy! I've said it before and I'll say it again: we have the best neighbors in the universe.

Jeremy Tightening Lag Bolts on Woodshed

Hours later, we were still at it. We were on the home stretch when "The Night Roofer" made a comeback.

Tyler on Woodshed Roof at Dusk Woodshed by Night, with Metal Roofing Panels Installed Tyler Installing Green Metal Roofing Panels on Woodshed

We almost finished the woodshed on Sunday evening, but alas, we ran out of metal roof panels. So, we tarped what wasn't properly covered, and hoped for the best. While Tyler was in Boston the following week, I purchased more panels, and when he returned, we finished installing them. Hooray! All in all, building this woodshed was a wonderfully painless operation.

And now, I do believe we are officially ready for winter. Hooray!