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Traditional Scottish Trio: Cantrip

by Tara

Yesterday, while munching on apple cider donuts and chatting with Greer at Clear Brook, a yellow flier on the bulletin board caught my eye. On it was advertised a house concert in neighboring East Arlington that would be happening the very next day. A well-regarded Scottish trio called Cantrip, would be giving a show in someone's living room! I made up my mind then and there that I'd be going.

Cantrip Band

Photo © Amanda Kowalski (

During apple picking today, I told Jenna about the concert, knowing it would be right up her alley. Sure enough, she jumped at the chance to come, and around 6:30PM, we all met at a house in the woods, which was packed with local folks and a table replete of food. Out back, there was roaring campfire, and a path through the woods to an outhouse.

After scoping the place out, we donated our money and enjoyed the potluck (I brought a kale and apple salad). Then, we took seats right in front of the band—were so close to the fiddler, the piper, and the guitarist, that if the piper and I crossed our legs at the same time, we'd brush feet!

When the band began to play, stirring my soul and shaking my bones with the fiddle and the unearthly drones of the bagpipe, I was completely mesmerized. For the next couple of hours, Tyler, Jenna, and I stomped our feet in time with the music, slapping our hands on our knees and grinning. I almost stood up and dusted off my Irish stepdancing skills, but instead I sat with rapt attention.

The band played two long sets with a break in the middle for free tea and desserts(!) I ached to capture the entire night with photos, but unfortunately, by some cruel twist of fate (or negligence), we discovered that our camera battery had DIED. BOO. At least Tyler remembered to bring the sound recorder!

Audio © Cantrip (

I mention all the time how much I love this part of the world, and how glad I am that we moved here. Tonight, as we sat in a small house set back into the woods, listening to traditional Scottish music being played right in front of us, while we enjoyed beer and apple pie and autumn in Vermont, well, that took the cake. I couldn't be happier to live here.

PS: Jenna posted a brief video of the concert!