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Buying Herbs at Shaftbury's Clear Brook Farm

by Tara

I've been aching to pursue the gardening aspect of our new homesteading life, but alas, it's far too early in the game for that sort of nesting. With large machinery passing through our future garden space at least once a week, and several vehicles parked on our clearing at all times, this is no place for seriously cultivating anything just yet. For the time being, I've decided to satisfy my gardening urge by putting a few herbs in pots.

Making the most of the gorgeous weather on this holiday Monday (the first sunny day in over a week), I drove over to nearby Clear Brook Farm to check out their selection of plants. There, I was welcomed with a huge hug by our friend Greer, who works there part-time. She gave me a tour, introduced me to some wonderful new people (hi Andrew!), and left me on my own to wander.

Clear Brook Farm Sign Clear Brook Farm Bleeding Heart Heirloom Tomatoes Sign

The place was buzzing with excitement, full of people happy about their three-day weekend, invigorated by the sunny weather, and eager to get their gardens growing. I took my time, meandering through the aisles of starts in plastic pots, caressing the flowering blooms, rubbing herbs between my fingers to release their scents.

Thrift Plant

In the end, I picked out Genovese basil, lemon balm, purple sage, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and a rose-scented geranium which should bloom a lovely pink color. Greer rang me up, and I headed back to our very muddy truck for the drive home. After a windows-down ride through the spectacular green hills of Vermont, I was back on our land, ready to plant.

Plants & Herbs

It feels so good to be growing something!

Tara Planting Sage Tara Planting Herbs