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Picking Apples for Cider Pressing

by Tara

As we drive to our dear friend Jenna's farm, curving lazily along the Battenkill river, I am incapable of wiping the grin from my face. My kickstarter project launched just three days ago and it's already 30% funded! As well, we have an exciting weekend ahead of us, packed with all kinds of wonderful fall activities. Today is one of those days when I feel inordinately lucky to live in New England.

The air is crisp and cool, the Green Mountains are splotched with patches of yellow and gold, and we're off to pick apples for cidering! On the way to Jenna's, as we round our favorite bend on highway 313, we're faced with an idyllic postcard of a view: an old red barn taking center-stage against a background of green and gold. As if on cue, we shout together "will you LOOK AT THAT!", declaring our love for this corner of the world.

Arriving at Jenna's place, we meet Amanda and Darcy, who have come from Massachusetts and Montpelier to join in the apple picking fun. A little later, our friends Joanna and Greg show up, too. I love it here. Cold Antler Farm is a wonderful place to be any time, but I think fall is when it really shines. In her Irish sweater and Scottish kilt, Jenna exudes autumnal love, as do her wooly sheep and her apple-loving horses.

Jenna's Horses Eating Apple Drops Cold Antler Farm Sheep Sheep Eating Apple

Apple picking is a surprisingly quick affair. Tyler skitters up the trees like a mountain goat and shakes the branches, while a rotation of brave souls expose themselves to a pelting in order to collect the falling fruits.

Tyler Shaking Apples from Tree Joanna, Greg & Jenna Catching Apples Amanda, Joanna & Jenna Catching Apples (Tyler in Tree) Greg Catching Apples w/ Basket on Head

Once Tyler is done and the coast is clear, we all take to the ground, harvesting the drops.

Joanna Collecting Apples Greg & Amanda Collecting Apples Cider Apples

After just an hour or two of collecting, we've filled the entire bed of Jenna's truck!

Cold Antler Farm Cider Apple Haul Jenna's Truck, Full of Apples for Cider