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Visiting Lian in Oakland, Part Two

by Tara

This week with Lian has been a wonderfully productive one as we've worked hard to make his place feel like home. First, we taped off and painted his bedroom, changing it from a somber blue into a cheery yellow. We also washed his windows (during which process I realized that I'd never before pondered the conundrum of how to clean windows you can't remove when you live on the third floor!).

Another day, we went through his entire entire kitchen, which was chock full of food and cookware that old roommates had left behind. We chucked ancient, dusty spices, got rid of dishes he didn't like, and pitched several coffee makers he didn't use. After, as my brother says, "Kon-mari-ing his shit" we brought loads of things to the Goodwill.

Lian & Tara Painting Wall Lian & Tara Painting Wall Succulents at Lian's Apartment Succulents at Lian's Apartment Lian's Oakland Apartment View Lian's Oakland Apartment View Golden State Warriors in NBA Finals Golden State Warriors in NBA Finals Lian Cleaning Oakland Apartment Window Lian Cleaning Oakland Apartment Window Oakland Sunset Oakland Sunset Driving in Oakland Driving in Oakland

After all of our effort, Lian's apartment is SO much better, and best of all, truly his own. When we told some of his friends what we'd been doing during our visit, they chuckled and said to me, "Wow, he puts you to work right away, eh?" And I laughed and told them I'm only returning the favor.

I love you, Lian! I'm so glad we got so much done on your apartment!



Oh, EXCELLENT idea on the window cleaning. I have tried doing our 2nd floor windows by sitting in a window that is mostly closed and gripping the wall with my legs (don't tell K.) But that leaves an unwashed stripe. I dig the swiffer method!
Posted by Joy on August 6th, 2016 at 11:17 AM
Hi T & T,
I'm all caught up now . I hope you haven't stopped writing, but if you have, I just wanted to thank you again for sharing all of your amazing adventures, including life's ups and downs, with all of us here in reader-land.
I am so happy I found your website! If I ever get in shape enough to do a bike tour, I will most certainly buy a hard copy of your book, Tara. For now, I'm settling for the PDF version :-).
As I read about your experiences with flying, I thought...you two would make the BEST characters in a zombie apocalypse book or movie. Courageous, able to survive in various countries with only a tent and the contents of your panniers, able to defend yourselves with only sticks, able to scuba dive, able to build your own shelters and harvest food, and now able to fly away from harm.
Thanks for the vicarious adventures, and good luck with your homestead.
All the best from Northern Ontario, Canada,
Posted by Kat on August 16th, 2016 at 4:10 PM