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Just a Bike Ride

by Tara

For the last few days, we've been taking some much needed rest. For us, this means cooking less, eating out more, "staying in", and leaving the camera behind when we go out. This welcome change of pace is definitely having the intended effect of replenishing our stores of enthusiasm for travel and exploration. Having spent the last two days in our tent working (rest, it seems, does not include a lack of work), we both felt cooped up and in need of fresh air.

So, we went for a bike ride!

We weren't trying to get anywhere, we didn't have a set distance to cover, we didn't carry all of our worldly possessions around with us, and we weren't doing it because it's how we travel. It was a plain old bike ride, just for the fun of it.

We rode around a park, passing by some really cool old buildings, and lots of beautiful trees and flowers. The light was perfect, but photos weren't on the agenda for the day. While we pedaled, we talked about building a tandem when we get home, just so we can go tootling around together. What fun!

We didn't go far at all, and we were home in under an hour. It was such a nice change of pace.

Tomorrow, we head to Berlin to begin preparations for our road trip across Russia!