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Pulley System Drying Rack

by Tara

We've had tons of improvements to our quality of life recently: first the movie theater, then the ladder and railing, and now, a drying rack. For ages, we didn't have a good way of hanging wet clothing and towels indoors. After collecting photos and ideas online this winter, I realized we could fit a ceiling-mounted drying rack between two of our loft floor joists.

Rather than spend the time building our own, we purchased a Woodi drying rack. It fits perfectly and looks beautiful to boot. We use it every single day to dry wet yoga clothes, damp dishcloths, and the towels we use for hot tubbing. It will be great to dry herbs on, too! The pulley system makes it a cinch to raise and lower, and is just plain cool.

Laundry on Woodi Clothes Dryer Laundry on Woodi Clothes Dryer Laundry on Woodi Clothes Dryer Laundry on Woodi Clothes Dryer


I was surfing the web looking for a cloths rack on a pully system and found you,hope things are going well,was thinking of building one,what are the overall dimensions,dimensions between th 5 long pieces,and how far in are the two dark pieces from the ends,your cabin looks nice.Looks like it is about 5 feet long,dark pieces in about 9 inches,and the 5 long pieces about 4 inches apart.
Posted by BRUCE GEORGE WOLLISON on July 18th, 2017 at 8:57 PM
Hey Bruce, good to hear from you!

You're right-- the long pieces are 5' each. The inner rails are 2.5" apart. and the outer rails are 3" apart. The rails are not connected to the end pieces (they just slot in) so you can adjust them however far apart you want.

Honestly, the Woodi rack is great. We started buying the materials to make our own, but it was almost as expensive as buying the rack itself, and it would have been WAY crappier. I say, just buy the Woodi. ;)

Good luck!
Posted by Tara on September 21st, 2017 at 10:34 AM